Huu Tran
Huu has been involved in theatre and film for the last ten years. He has experience in all areas of production including writing, producing, directing and editing. Huu is committed to broadening the scope of Australian theatre and film.

Nghi Huynh
Nghi has always had a fascination with action films and jumped at the chance of being involved in one. His film education has involved many hours in cinemas and watching DVDs. Nghi is particularly interested in being involved in films that deal with real people and real issues.

James Kalken-Johnston:
A recent graduate of film, and now working in Melbourne on both short-films and writing. James has a unique eye for the dark and action-packed. James loves getting behind the camera, a good game of football, and having a beer.

Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen has been working in film and theater for almost 10 years. His role was primarily performer and Martial Art Choreographer. Phong has studied martial arts for over 15 years and currently holds a senior instructor level in Vovinam. He has recently started training in Wushu.

Pui Ying Joy Chung
Born in Hong Kong and moved to Melbourne in 2003. Joy’s passion was always in cinematography and Lighting. She is studying Bachelor of Contemporary Arts- Media Art (majoring in film and Photography) at Deakin University and will graduate at the end of 2009. She joined Deakin TV club and has worked as camera operator, lighting assistant, audio assistant and VT for various TV shows. Currently, she is working on a short film- 8 Hours as a Producer and AD. 

Chris Willoughby
Chris is currently developing a folio, interested in prosthetics, animatronics, and believes that it’s how green a person’s hair is on the inside that truly counts.